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Fun facts about your sign here


Fun facts about your sign here



on my way to the emergency room



I’ve heard that XSplit limits your stream quality unless you pay for it, so I’ll go over how to set up OBS for livestreaming as there’s no quality restraints on there!

OBS is a completely free and open source program, so no need to worry about paying for stuff.

First off you’ll wanna visit OBSProject so you can download the program. (I’m using OBS Beta)

Once you’ve installed it and you open it up, you should see a window like this


Right click in the Scenes box and hit add scene


then right click in sources and choose window capture


You’ll then see this window:


Select the window you want to stream


then you can then check the sub-region box and choose how much of the window you wish to stream, or you can just hit OK.

That is now all set up. If when you press preview stream it’s off centre or the wrong size, hit CTRL+F and that will centre it.

You now need to add a server!! Sites like Picarto or Twitch are the easiest to set up.

On Picarto, and believe it’s the same on Twitch, if you go to your dashboard and scroll to the bottom you will find the server and your stream key:


(Make sure to keep your stream key secret cause anyone can stream to your channel if they know it!)

go to Settings > Settings, then click Broadcast Settings and you’ll see this window


Paste in the server and streamkey, and you can now stream to the server!! There are some preset servers too if you click on the streaming service drop-down.

You can also change the quality settings on this page, I’d visit OBS’s estimator for an idea on what to set things to. (select low motion)


hello ma’am i came a long way to give u a flower and to tell u how pretty u r today



baby goats playing on other animals

everything is a playground when you’re a baby goat

Squeee!! I ordered a few items from Society6 a while ago and they arrived today! And I really like them so I want to show them off heheh.

Two pillow covers! As you can see, Leevi was eager to help me put them on the pillows. I love geth and I love this print, hnngh!

And this mug hnghgngh!! I’m a bit sick so I’m actually drinking warm black currant juice from it at the moment! It’s so pretty, I love it ;_;

I’m Ameku and this is my favourite mug on the Citadel!

Oh and the designs were done by the amazing wei723 and her Society6 store is here!